INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TRADITIONAL HEREDITARY ENGINEERS SOCIETY  is a proposed concept of technical institution.It has to be  act as a bridge between the Traditional Engineers of Vishwakarmas and Modern engineers of the same society.It associate varies categories of creative sectors throughout the India.

             Any private university or Higher Education Institution or Professonals Institution must be constructed  or sponsored by  Registered legal body under the any one of following Acts.

1) Under section 26 of WEST BENGAL SOCIETIES ACT 1961

2) Under Societies Registration  Act 1860 (under section xx1 of 1860)

3) public charitable Trust  under the Indian Trust Act

4) company  under section 25 of companies Act 1956(Act I of 1956),

             After the development of infrastructure in different faculties with full pledged condition, it may be approved by special act of Indian Parliament's   NATIONAL IMPORTANCE ACT like as KALAKSHETRA FOUNDATION ACT 1993. (The gazette Notification No. 6 of 1994 on 4th January 1994 under Ministry of Tourism and culture. It is autonomous Institution established in 1944 by  Rukmini Arundel  for Dance and art),  Chennai and further one example DAKSHINA BHARAT HINDI PRACHAR SHABHA.The act is supports the Central Government fund and recognition of examinations only.The act is not compulsary for our activities.

          Initially if courses required, Traditional engineering ,art,syllabus may be framed by the Institution and after getting prior approval from any one of University by affiliation or self finance sponsor course by mutual agreement with the any one of  University. 

             LILIT KALA AKADEMI (NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ART) NEW DELHI. approved by Ministry of HRD and Ministry of Tourism and culture vide Notification No. 3-20/200US(akademies) dated 13.05.2002 under section 25 of Memorandum of Association.

             The private Dharani Trust was established in 1999, a non governmental, non profitable organization  in the name of "The INDIAN INSTITUTE OF GEOGRAPHICAL STUDIES (TIIGS)" vide Regd. No.148/1999-2000 Bangalore.

             It is our rights to update the Indian traditional engineering, ancient science and technology with present modern developments in various sectors. The institution act as professonals distance interaction and collective of technical informations  through present high-tech communication facilities and seminors, conferences with practical aid  throughout India.

             The term Vishwakarma denotes creation, protection and reformation. It is the Universal concept. There is no energy loss in the Universe. Register now...

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                As per the "CHARLES DARWIN" theory, unused genetic talent may not be transferred to next generation. The genetic matter may be  collapsed or detached or inactive in the genetic chain. It is applicable to our 6000 years creative genetic talent also. So, we must be renovate or regenerate or refresh our genetic power of creativeness with support of present modern engineering. And also organizational recognition is a tonic to our technical development. For this necessity only, we put forth the concept of IITHES- INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TRADITIONAL HEREDITARY ENGINEER'S SOCIETY  for our younger  generation.It is a collective of professionals Organization like as Institution of Engineers(India), Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Institution of chemists, Institution of Production Engineers, Institution of civil Engineers,Indian Institute of chemical Engineers Which are not universities only transferring the  knowledge to the members. If the activities are legally sound, AICTE, UGC, National Importance Act may be confirmed the status of education by Indian Parliament Act.

                       The “Traditional Hereditary Engineer” means the those who have creative, protective, and reformative engineering qualities acquired by gene and carryover hereditary in their nativity engineering culture from before the Vedic period of civilizations . The genetic knowledge is being transferred through hereditary up to date in the tradition of descendents of Vishwakarmas. Internationally, the Ancient Engineers of the Mexico Mayan, Indus valley Mayan, Sumerian Mayan, Egypt civilizations were same common origin, culture, city life ,stone, wood, metal sculpture architecture and their finger prints of engineering constructions are stands as a evidence for their science, art, engineering Technology and it was recognized by international community. The UNESCO also searching the Indian temple architect Engineers” and their present technical status and economical background. The factors of lapse in English language, modern engineering studies and poor economical background are not favor to the nativity engineers and they have loose their modern engineering status artificially and temporarily. Still they are dominative in practical creative constructional technology without modern education. Majority of nativity engineers are not recognized by the Government. But their services are utilized by the society directly and indirectly. The non recognition of traditional nativity engineers is not only individual loss it is also lose to Indian nation because they are efficient genetic power of creative ,protective, and reformative capability of any system. They are environmentally friendly persons. But Present modern engineering concept supports the use and throw of system of technology. It is not favor to Environment. The constructions of ancient temple sculpture works, metal, chemical, geometrical, mathematical, astrological, gold, copper alloys, valuable stones, artistic skills, drawing, dance, musical instruments, agricultural equipments, ship building skills, Ratha cart, chariot, war weapons, house hold materials, lyric engraving masters in metals, stones and woods, coin manufacturing, production and marketing any materials, bankers of valuable gold and stones, Vedic craft technology, physical theories, bio medical instruments, weaving, shoe, barbers tools and plants supply.die making, value assessors, Temple cart, idols making, city construction, roads, bridges, dams, forts,yogic knowledge in creations of works were in Scientific manner and high accuracy techniques. The above all the creative documents were in their own code words and Sanskrit, libi, pragirtham, kirentham. All the above work comes under the following five traditional Engineering Faculties and these are denotes the concept of stone age, wooden age, copper age, Iron age, and golden age of ancient civilization development from before the Vedic period to till date. This development is base for modern Engineering, Science and Technology.






                          The Vedic literature of Rig, Yajur, Sama, Atharvana, Pranavas and Hindu religion are knows the creative power of vishwakarma Mayan ( Silpha sastra of Thvashta, Angirasa, Kasyapa, Birugu, Dhaksha) and descendants of vishwakarma creative nativity Engineers.


           The term “Modern engineer ” means those who have acquired genetically creative, protective, and reformative engineering properties of traditional engineering and additionally having modern science ,art, engineering technology studies through authorized Institution.

           The term “Any Discipline” means Stone Craft, Wooden Craft, metal and alloys craft, iron craft, gold and valuable stones craft of traditional and modern engineering, literature of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannadam, Odia, Hindi, Sanskrit, Pragritham, Pali, Libi, Kirantham, Bengali, Bihari, and all other state languages, international ancient languages, art of painting, drawing, designing, modern engineering faculty of mechanical, electrical, electronics, comp. software and hardware, information tech, civil, chemical, mining, metallurgical, aero physics and aeronautics, bio tech, bio informatics, bio medical and science branches of physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, geology, environmental and agriculture, political science, Vedic Engineering, Science art mathematics tech, finance management studies of chartered accountant, chartered cost accountant, chartered company secretary, business management and economics, law, statistics, history, forestry science, nanotechnology, medical science, archaeological studies, fisheries and veterinary, paramedical, micro biology and org members of bank jewel appraiser, jewelers, building contractors, industrial contractors, industrialist, institute heads, business men, catering, creative organizations, genetically engineering, music, dance, fine arts, administrative people of IAS, IPS, IFS, IES intellectuals as advisory members.




 1. To reform or identify and collect the traditional Indian techniques and our members ideas are to be documented.

2. All vishwakarmas have a rights of update the traditional knowledge with modern trend.

3. Equal status to be maintained with in traditional engineers and modern engineers of the society.

4. To recognize traditional creations and artistic work of our members.

5. Syllabus of technical collection are to be supplied through distance education and practical centers in Nation Wide.

6. Examination through writing method or oral method (viva) or interaction method or with the help of guide, members projects are to be assessed and documented.

7. For Eligibility criteria, the traditional experiences are to be taken for further higher level recognition.

8. To motivate minimum English knowledge to our members.

9. Interaction English and business English are to be encouraged.

10. The field of stone sculpture, dance, music, Atharvanas, Prokitham, drawing, drama, old literatures, mathematical concepts are Vishwakarmas national assets. It may be documented and circulated to members.

11. The field of olden civil structural constructions and artistic huge temple techniques are to be documented.

12. The Vaastu sasthra techniques are to be simplified and documented.

13. The Institution is a collective of Vishwakarmas under one head with various professionals, various education qualified persons, and traditional Engineers throughout India. They interact each other within the system subject to the concerned disciplines and professions. This type of activities are to be induce a flux to our younger generation to uplift in their education and profession. It is a nationwide cultural and education center for Vishwakarmas.

                    It is only one organization, all Viswakarmas are to be join together without disparity of traditional and modern by means of mutually transferring the knowledge each other and updating of knowledge through distance education.Education is only one tool to uplift the Viswakarma Community.


               With the support of various community associations, trusts, charitable, volunteers through cell phone, e mail, face book, website, printed letters, notices, communications may be speedup and in wide publicity of one to one. Online Base membership log in the website of Institution in every taluk, district, state headquarters through authorized associations.


              Annual subscription for Base members and Life membership, category membership will be finalized by the Institution in later date.



               Subject to Academic and Technical qualification of individuals, the qualification must be approved by the Government. The above members are to be elected for Student Membership, Technician, senior technician, Associate, Fellowship,  membership in every year of technical council conference.In addition with Patron,Organisational, Donor Members are to be elected with the willingness of Manufacturing , marketing and Research organisations or Industries or companies. (i.e) Jewellery owners,Carpentering units, Metal and alloys Industries, Iron fabricative units and Civil, Temple construction units. All departments are to be functioning under the control of concerned department heads that is to be highest qualification in concerned field. He may be Honorary or regular. It is only social club. All departments only collective of concerned field members throughout world. They may be interact each other regarding technical issues and decide what is the requirement for their next achievement and to competete in modern world. Concerned department members are the deciding authorities in their general body. The Institution is not issue of any graduation, post graduation, Doctorates to the members. It is only recognize and honor the education status of our community people which is awarded by the authorized Indian universities in that particular membership category in initial stage. After the government approval, or affiliation of any one of government university only proper examinations will be conducted by the Institution.


           The traditional members with technical knowledge but without formal education, and without achievement, in workmen and training category vishwakarma community persons come under the group. Subject to the experience of the individual members, they are to be selected for Student membership, Technician membership, Senior Technician membership. If the members committee decided, suitable training will be conducted by the Institution and certificates will be issued to the members. It is very useful in their job and social recognition.


             Senior group of traditional members with higher traditional technical knowledge with creative power of Art and structural constructions but with or without formal education is comes under the group. The member’s achievements are to be documented in scientific manner with evidential with the help of guide. The individual achievements are to be published in international and Indian magazines with all technical data’s. Various criticism and appreciations are to be recorded and to be discussed in annual conference. Based on the discussion, the honorary Associate, fellowship, Doctrine awards will be issued by the Institution. It is the uppermost of goal of the Institution. It will be real in life, minimum 3 to 5 years time duration may be taken for the entire development of Institution throughout India. It is only our Institution’s target. It is possible all Vishwakarmas cooperation and unity.

Sl. No

Name of the Member ship

               Elegibility of Membership




Persons of eminence and high officials of the Union and State Governments, Governors, Ministers etc. whose public duties bring them into close relationship during the tenure of their office with Traditional nativity Engineering Traditional Art, Science, Technology and related manufacturing Industries with genetic knowledge, or individuals who have rendered eminent service in advancing Traditional Hereditary Engineering with modern aids and Vedic science and technology may with their prior consent in writing be elected Honorary Fellows of the Institute.




a) Every candidate for admission to the Institute as a Fellow or for transfer from Member or Associate Member to Fellow shall produce adequate evidence to satisfy the Council that he has the requisite qualifications as mentioned in sub-clauses 6.2 and 6.3 under clause 6. and is not less than thirty five years of age and has experience of not less than 30 years for a candidate with Traditional Engineering Experience with or without modern education/

15 years for a candidate with degree in Modern Engineering, Art, Science degree with genetic skill./

10 years for a candidate with post graduate degree in Modern Engineering, Art, Science degree with genetic skill./

 Doctorate holders in any discipline in science, Art, Technology, medicine with genetic skill are eligible for direct fellowship.




Educational Qualification



Bachelor degree in Engineering or Art or
Science or Marketing or Medicinewith                                  
Genetic creative skill.



Masters degree in in Engineering or Art or
Science or Marketing or Medicine with         Genetic creative skill.



Diploma in Engineering or any discipline With Genetic creative skill.



I.T.I holders and 10 + 2 qualification with
Knowledge of any creative discipline with Genetic background.



Traditional Hereditary Engineers with or
Without Formal education with genetic creative skill.





Bachelor degree in Engineering or Any faculty with Current experience in the Concerned field with                            
Genetic creative skill.





Diplamo in Engineering or Any faculty with Current experience in the Concerned field with Genetic creative skill.



Experience in traditional Engineering or Art crafting experience with or without formal education

15 years




Experience in traditional Engineering with or without formal education with genetic creative skill

10 years


Fresh I.T.I holders and 10 + 2 qualification with modern education knowledge in Engineering or Science or Arts or Finance or Marketing





Being trained as a traditional Engineer below 21 years with or without formal education

Below 5 years


10th /Matriculation

2 years




Individuals interested in development of Traditional Engineering profession with modern aids and its application to related Industries.





Organizations and Institutions interested in development of Traditional Engineering profession with genetic creative knowledge and its application to related industries may be elected Organizational Members like as Jewellery ,carpentry,metal idol, stone idol, civil construction marketing and manufacturing unit owners. . Organizational Members shall be (a) Traditonal Engineering, Arts, Science, Medicine, Marketing and fund Management and Allied industries including service industries, (b) Research Institutions engaged in R&D activities related to Traditional Engineering, modern engineering, Science and Technology, (c) Academic Institutions engaged in education, training and research related to the Engineering and any creative profession, and (d) Organizations serving the profession of engineering and any creative skill of any discipline with Genetic power.. The decision of the Council in the above matter shall be final.




Any person or Organization or Trust supports the concept of Institution by means, aid of donation i.e not only currency, it may be property and intellectual articles from public . This type of donatives shall be enrolled as Donor Member. It is to open to all Indians and foreigners. The members are not rights of voting power. But their suggestions and modern techniques shall be discussed in council of annual conference




The Traditional Members without modern education without evidential of creative, protective and reformative any system or any design but having genetic creative Persons shall be considered for appropriate membership by the council after the satisfaction of knowledge. The creative records and Experience only. The intermediate period the persons only hold the status of Base Member.


















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