• The Creative Vishwakarma Engineers were Dominated in Different Faculties of Engineering and Contributed to their Service to the entire people’s requirement and enhancement of life style from Ancient civilization Approx 5000 BC to 1900 AC without Foreign aid.
  • They had created the remarkable Constructions and Artistic works with the help of generic knowledge and their own mathematical formula’s, scientific concepts in code words, oral language, Sanskrit, kirandam , libi and Tamil poetic code word literatures and other regional languages.
  • During British government Approximately 1900 AC, based on the imported English language and foreign scientific theories, the formal engineering education had been introduced by the government.
  • The non-formal educative vishwakarmas and their generations are not stopped their creative service to the people up to date. Due to lapse of formal education, their status and economic condition were pulled back to lower level.
  • Initially, In Engineering colleges, all field teachers were vishwakarmas and they had donated all the techniques to the students and nation.
  • Presently also, in all the industrial sectors, vishwakarma people are working efficiently as creative engineers and workmen with the help of genetically power.
  • To maintain our ancient status of creative Engineering, we must in the line of up to date knowledge in formal engineering education and documentation of our creation in media is very essential. It should be supplied to our future generation also.
  • The study of ancient civilization & each and every historical period world, the life style of people are measured by the finger prints of vishwakarma creative’s only. The state& central govt. earns crors and crores of revenue from the source of viswakarma’s Art and Architecture.
Traditional creative engineering Branches
  • As per Hindu Religion concept, the universe had been created by the god VISHWAKARMA /SRI VIRAT VISHWABRAHMAM with the aid pranava vedam- Shri sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.
  • The skeleton of birth of any living hood, constructs by god VISHWAKARMA of TUVISTA BRAHAMA- -by Vedic literature.
Other Traditional Engineering Branches
  1. Creation of Agricultural equipments
  2. Creation of king's Ratham / All type of Vehicles
  3. Creation war weapons and all type of machines
  4. Creation of all type of kitchen wares
  5. City construction - Road / Bridges/fort
  6. Buildings / houses/ palace
  7. Temples construction
  8. Creating of God's Idols
  9. Temple’s cart construction
  10. Artistic painting / drawing /Sculptures
  11. All type of musical equipments
  12. All type of Weaving equipments /Structures
  13. Medicinal tools and supplementary chemicals
  14. Metals processing from ores
  15. Handling of all type of machines and tools
  16. Destruction of opposite kings forts and identifying the secrets of construction and war weapons techniques.
  17. Manufacturing of coins for concerned Kingdom.
  18. Assessor and protector Of valuable goods in gajana.
  19. Service to animals like ox, cow, horse, and elephant ornaments and supplementary of horn maintenance /Toe maintenances
  20. Construction of ships and boats and they were acted as shipmasters in war ships / maintenance.
  21. Handling of all type of chemicals.
  22. Handling of all type of metals and alloys.
  23. Handling of gold and valuable diamonds in ornaments fabrication works.
  24. Acted an bankers of gold
  25. Great mathematician. They were used mathematics formulas to their constructions refer vedic mathematics
  26. Great scientists. They were used scientific formulas in their creative work
  27. Astro physicist they were used the Astro knowledge in their construction
  28. Regional and Sanskrit language scholars and lyric masters to engrave the lyrics in metal plates and stones.
  29. War weapon maintenance force during wars.
  30. Tool makers for all people including formers, weavers, shoe makers,
  31. Production engineering and marketing
  32. Yogic persons they were write their yogic knowledge in their art and creative work.
  33. Die makers, gun makers.
Art and Architecture Books 260 Numbers.
Available Books only 64 Numbers (All are in Sanskrit)
Main Shilpi Booklets -32 Numbers
  • Vishwa Dharmam
  • Viswesam
  • Vishwa saaram
  • Virtham
  • Thaavattam
  • Nalam
  • Mayam
  • Hanuman
  • Banu
  • Karpariam
  • Sirusttam
  • Manasaaram
  • Vaasthu vithayapathy
  • Paraa saariam
  • Hari sigam
  • Saithagam
  • Vaasthu potham
  • Visthaaram
  • Iyantharam
  • Vajaram
  • Sowmam
  • Vishwa kasipam
  • Maga thantharam
  • Visalam
  • Chithram
  • Kabila kalayuubam
  • Naama samhithai
  • Saathigam
  • Vishwa potham
  • Aathi saaram
  • Bakarutham
  • Maana patham
Sub Silpa booklets -32 Nos
  • Kasiyapam
  • Gowthamam
  • Kirga vaasthu saaram
  • Vishwesam
  • Vaasthu pothan
  • Maha thanthiram
  • Saithrigam
  • Aayathi lakshnam
  • Manu thanthivam
  • Kumara vaasthu
  • Vishwa potham
  • Vishwa karmiam
  • Vishwa kala theetham
  • Maya silpa thanthiram
  • Thuvista thanthiram
  • Viswakarma Prakasam
  • Vishwakarma silpam
  • Viswakarma chithanthem
  • Vaasthu manjiri
  • Vaasthu visaaram
  • Vaasthu saasthiram
  • Vimanathi manam
  • Silpasam hithai
  • Maha maya jayam
  • Vasthu saaram
  • Silpa rathna karam
  • Moolasthamba niraniam
  • Vishwakarma Avatharam
  • Akathiya Silpa potham
  • Skalaathigaram
  • Suria sithantham
  • Gowmara samhitha

Ancient Engineering Collages

  • Two slipi institutions were established in the Dharapuram at Sri Lanka, presently called as Chetty Kulam nearby Anuradha Puram and another one was at capital city of Anuradha Puram Sri Lanka.
  • Nalanda university at Bihar state in India.

Present day Institutions

  • Kumbakonam arts school had been established by Brahmasri.T. Mookanna achariyar at present under State government.
  • Mahapalipuram slipa fine arts collage had been established by Indian slipa Guru brahamashri Vai. Ganapathi Satapathi at present under State government.
  • Bangalore Slipa Guru kulam affliated to Bangalore University had been established by bramashri by Dr.G.Gnanananda MA., D.litt.

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